Daily Workplace Stories


Medical Social Worker
Health Services

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in a major hospital. In the social worker profession there are certainly many duds, but I am happy here. I work with families who have a hard time navigating the health system, whether it be due to mental health or substance abuse issues, lack of transportation to get to the hospital, or being overwhelmed at everything there is to do regarding being a caregiver or patient. My job consists of in person and phone support. Most people think of social workers as children services workers, who investigate abuse — and although there are many of those as well — there are a ton of other social workers out there.

Digital Media Evidence Specialist
Legal & Safety

I work for a Police Department in the Records Services division. My basic daily job functions involve reviewing DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases and finding all of the relevant dash camera and officer body camera footage for that case. Then when I have all the footage, I get it downloaded and ready to go to court. Then I write up a supplement on my findings and record everything into an Access database.

TV News Reporter

Your friends may post whatever they want on social media, but as a reporter, you need to exercise good judgement, such as keeping your (e.g. political) opinions to yourself because reporters have to be unbiased. You can be fired immediately for making inappropriate or unprofessional comments online or on-air.